Family Tradition

CACERIAS AZOR, S.A., is a family enterprise dedicated to organizing driven partridge shoots, and is widely considered the most important in the world, in terms of the quality of its services as well as the exclusivity of its clientele.

Right from its inception in the Sixties, CACERIAS AZOR S.A. has upheld quality and respect for the natural environment as the foundation for its partridge shoots.

The Landaluce family, all of them hunters and, more importantly, owner-managers of shooting estates for several generations, has advocated those very same values since Paco Landaluce founded Cacerías Azor over 40 years ago.

Backed by strong family tradition, CACERIAS AZOR, S.A., is today the longest-established shooting enterprise in Spain and, in recent times, has reached a level of perfection which it is hard to surpass in this field of hunting.

Located 200 km. to the South of Madrid, right in the heart of “La Mancha”, CACERIAS AZOR,

S.A., owns over has 25,000 hectares of land, ideal for breeding and shooting Spanish Red Partridge (Alectoris Rufa).

The lie of the land comprises mainly valleys, where predominant crops are vineyards, olive groves and dryland cereals, with small hilly pockets of Mediterranean woodland, which provide an ideal habitat of unrivalled beauty.

We count on a team of over 25 gamekeepers and game drivers who, in many cases, have also passed their knowledge and expertise down in turn from father to son.

We have two “Cortijo” farmhouses, set within the above mentioned landscape, which are dedicated to the exclusive use of our clients, equipped of course with every amenity and excellent services.