The Property

Ever since the art of hunting evolved from a necessity for survival into a leisure pursuit, Man has sought the ways and means to make contention between hunter and prey as evenly matched as possible.

For that to occur, and for the hunter to fully experience the challenge inherent in this ancestral sport, it is essential that the prey – the partridge in this case – has the chance to escape unharmed from its encounter with Man.

Quality alone, measured by bravery, strength and number, will guarantee that this sport continues to enjoy the beauty and grace of former times, rather than entailing just a mere shot at a live target.

Thus, with over 25,000 hectares managed by Cacerías Azor in La Mancha, we guarantee the necessary bravery and density to ensure that a day’s partridge hunting at home with us will be an unforgettable challenge for any connoisseur demanding a quality shoot.

This is why some of the most distinguished public figures from around the world have consistently chosen Cacerías Azor to organize their partridge shoots and why they are no longer just clients, but friends of the family.

However, the services we offer embrace much more than that. From your arrival in Madrid on a commercial flight, or in a your own plane straight to our private landing strip, Cacerías Azor takes care of your transfer to our welcoming family home where you will be able to relax, settle in and prepare for an authentic day’s shooting.