Hunt driven partridges shots in Spain

The Landaluce family is dedicated to organize driven partridge shoots in Spain for several generations, since Paco Landaluce founded the enterprise over 40 years ago. Cacerías Azor is the longest-established shooting enterprise in Spain and, in recent times, has reached a level of perfection which it is hard to surpass in this field of hunting. This is due to the high quality of its services as well as the exclusivity of its clientele.

Quality, measured by bravery, strength and number, will guarantee that this sport continues to enjoy the beauty and grace of former times, rather than entailing just a mere shot at a live target.

Thus, with over 25,000 hectares in La Mancha (Spain), we guarantee the necessary bravery and density to ensure that a day´s partridge hunting at home with us will be an unforgettable challenge for any connoisseur demanding a quality shoot. This is why some of the most distinguished public figures from around the world have consistently chosen Cacerías Azor to organize their partridge shoots and why they are no longer just clients, but friends of the family.

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CACERIAS AZOR, S.A., is a family enterprise dedicated to organizing driven partridge shoots, and is widely considered the most important in the world, in terms of the quality of its services as well as the exclusivity of its clientele. Right from its inception in the Sixties, CAC...