A Selection From Our Menu

Hunt in Spain | A selection for our menu


All our dishes are home made using the very best, fresh seasonal produce.

We pride ourselves on an extremely high-quality traditional Spanish cuisine with exceptional fish (sea bass, turbot…), brought in directly from Galicia, in the north of Spain. We also serve a wide variety of meats (beef, lamb or pork), all cooked in wood or vine cane burning ovens, as well as Iberian cured ham “pata negra”, accompanied by the very best Spanish wines.

Needless to say, traditional dishes such as Paella, Spanish omelette and a wide variety of “tapas” are regularly served during your stay.

Desserts are also strictly homemade.

A sample dinner menu:

  • Appetizers: we serve cured ham “pata negra”, homemade fries, pâtés, and “croquetas”….
  • 1st course: Aubergine tomato and cheese gratin.
  • 2nd course: Fish (large sea bass or turbot which can be between 7 and 10 kg.) served with tomato.
  • Dessert: White cheese ice cream (home made, of course) served with locally produced honey.