Meet with the Experts Hunters

Meet with the experts spanish red legged partridge hunters

We never release birds specifically for your shoot, or at any other time during the hunting season. What you will be shooting, and I can not stress this enough because it makes all the difference in the world, is that these birds are living out wild in the country. They are powerful birds and fly very fast.

The partridge come in singles, tens, twenties, or sometimes even in what we call “Barras” when hundreds of birds come streaming overhead or wheeling in front of you. At this point the shooting is incredibly fast and furious.

The hardest part is to focus on just one bird.  Partridge are the most challenging birds because they don’t always fly straight and come in at different angles; sometimes too high, sometimes skimming the ground and sometimes right at you

You cannot find birds like this anywhere else in Spain; we guarantee our birds are the very best.


The quality of our partridges is probably the best on offer and is renowned as such. If the client is not satisfied, then no payment is due.