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The Finest Red-Legged Partridge Shooting in Spain

The Finest Red-Legged Partridge Shooting in Spain

Upon arrival at Madrid airport, your party will be met a member of our staff who will take you through the firearms and luggage formalities at Customs. If you prefer, you are welcome to use our private landing strip at Valdepeñas, 1,464 m long and just 30 kms from the estate.

From Madrid, we will arrange for private cars to drive you in comfort to our welcoming family home, only 2 hours away, where you will be able to settle in, dine in style, and prepare for an authentic day’s shooting.

After breakfast the next day, the shooting party will leave in four-wheel drive vehicles at around nine in the morning. Non-shooters are warmly welcome and can accompany the shooters to their posts if desired and leave later if they prefer.

From then on the real challenge for the shooter begins: The shoot spans a vast area and an extensive variety of drives, usually between four and six per day, with anywhere between four and twelve posts in each.

Your loader and secretary, who marks the birds you hit, and will carry your guns and everything you need.  We normally shoot side by side but you are more than welcome to shoot over and under. We can arrange guns if you don’t bring your own, though you will need two because after you fire one you hand the gun to the loader who hands you a loaded one to ensure uninterrupted shooting.

At this point the game drivers will begin to close in on a vast area of land.  Don’t worry, you won’t see them until the last minute. The partridges come in singles, tens, twenties, or sometimes even in what we call “Barras”, when hundreds of birds come streaming overhead or wheeling in front of you.  At this point the shooting is incredibly fast and furious.  The hardest part is to focus on just one bird.  Partridge are the most challenging birds because they don’t always fly straight and come in at different angles; sometimes too high, sometimes skimming the ground and sometimes right at you.

Depending on the dexterity and litheness of the shooters, one group can kill between 400 and 1,500 partridges in a single day. After shooting your secretary runs out with dogs to collect your birds, and packs up all of your belongings.  All you have to do is walk back to the group.

There are usually two drives in the morning, each one covering a different area, and then we have a traditional mid-morning break with food and

drinks.  Then one more drive before lunch, which is served outdoors in the beautifully rugged countryside of La Mancha.  We begin with appetizers and drinks, giving you a chance to wind down before the main meal.  Lunch is served while you are seated in a large tent or outside if there is not too much wind.  We pitch the tent the same day, wherever we decide to shoot. Meals are cooked out in the open air, but rest assured they’re marvellous. Then if you’re up to it you can shoot once or twice more after lunch.  Lunch in Spain is at two or three in the afternoon.

At the end of the day, the party returns to the Cortijo or Hacienda, where our staff will take care of cleaning the guns and hunting gear.

In the evening we host a cocktail party followed by dinner served at the Hacienda Landaluce, where you will be staying in an extremely comfortable modern setting, albeit with an authentic Spanish flair.  Meals are absolutely the gourmet equivalent to any fine dining experience you may have had, but in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

The shooting season opens on October 8th and closes on February 8th.


The quality of our partridges is probably the best on offer and is renowned as such. If the client is not satisfied, then no payment is due.